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How to Get More Visitors to Your Business Website

No Website Traffic? No Problem!

One of the things that every  business owner faces is how they can attract visitors to their website. We hear about all the traffic that our peers our getting which, to be honest, is enough to make us question if we’ll ever achieve similar stats. And of course, more traffic means a greater chance of sales!

Rather than getting bogged down with this, it’s important to remember that building traffic takes time. But, there are plenty of things you can do to help.

Without traffic you will have no leads, without leads you will have no sales and without sales quite frankly you have no business.

So check out our top 12 tips for boosting your traffic today!

  1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising service. Include keywords, and select geographical and language settings to target a specific audience. You can also set a budget for each day, but ads will appear more frequently with a higher budget. You need to have an understanding of this so that you’ll use it properly and not end up wasting money!

  1. On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of those things that initially seems way too complicated. However, if you take some time to understand a few different aspects of it you’ll see that it’s not that bad really. On page SEO refers to the content and HTML code that is located on the individual web-pages of your website, and how they can be optimised to help your site rank higher. Good on page SEO should include content that is useful, in demand and linkable with relevant keywords. It’s also important to optimise URLs, title tags and more, which you can learn about on the Moz website here >>>

  1. Content

While I briefly touched on content above it’s good to look into this further. Regardless of your business, incorporating a blog into your website will do wonders for your traffic. Google loves relevant and unique blog content so be sure to keep it up to date. It’s also important to remember that your content should reflect what your website and business is all about.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is a fantastic social network for driving traffic to your website and using Facebook Ads helps you to reach a larger audience. You can customise your ads to reach people with specific interests.

  1. Social Media

Everyone knows that social media plays a huge role in running an online business. Frequent updates and engagement on your social media accounts will boost your followers and traffic. By sharing helpful content and blog posts with your followers you’ll increase click-throughs to your website.

  1. Guest Blogs

Being a guest blogger on another person’s website or having a guest blogger feature on yours is a sure-fire way to bring new visitors to your site. Get in touch with bloggers and business owners who you admire, and if they want to work with you you’ll be connecting with a whole new audience which will increase your stats.

  1. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is traffic that comes to or is referred to your website from a different source, such as external links. If your links are located on relevant websites then you’re more likely to get more visitors. However be sure that your links are located on non-spammy websites with good SEO.

  1. Link Internally

Internal links are links that are located within your website that point to other areas of your site. Navigation links on menus are one example of this. These links help to establish a hierarchy within your website, which is good for SEO because hierarchy within your site makes it user friendly.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to communicate with small and larger audiences. Providing useful content within your emails and links to your website means more click-throughs. So if you email X amount of people, know that a certain proportion of this will click through to your website.

  1. Google analytics

Google analytics is awesome because it allows you to see how much traffic you’re getting and what kind it is. It also helps you to see what is and isn’t working because it determines what is driving traffic and what your best referrers are.

  1. Aggregator Sites

Aggregator sites are useful for getting traffic because they contain a collection of content (and links) on a certain subject area. Submitting your links to sites like Reddit will provide a nice boost in traffic. Just make sure you don’t spam them as this will likely result in a ban!

  1. Research Your Competition

Use Buzzsumo to determine what content and topics work best for your competitors. Doing this will help you to figure out what kind of content and keywords are more likely to drive traffic.


Now that you have these awesome traffic-boosting tools, you can use them to get more visitors and in turn, more sales!

Remember, getting traffic takes time and effort but it’s worth it!

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Head of Marketing at Clarity Digital Marketing, Liam is passionate about helping small businesses reach and influence more customers using mostly online and occasionally offline marketing techniques.

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