May 21

How A UK Property Renovation Company Transformed Their Marketing Strategy with Clarity Digital

As the founder of Finlay Construction, a family-run business specialising in property renovation and refurbishment, I am proud to share our journey of transformation. Our focus has always been on creating beautiful open-plan living spaces through our extension projects, supported by a team with extensive experience in interior design and layout. However, our marketing approach needed an overhaul to position us as a commercial entity and attract the right clients. This is our story of how working with Clarity Digital Marketing revolutionised our business.

The Challenge: From Referrals to Commercial Success

For years, Finlay Construction relied heavily on referrals, a testament to the quality of our work but a challenge when it came to pricing and positioning ourselves as a commercial business. We needed a strategic shift to reach more potential clients and establish fair pricing.

The Turning Point: Collaborating with Clarity Digital

Our turning point came during a lockdown project called Rose Kings, where we collaborated with Clarity Digital. Their strategic approach to marketing and understanding of our core values brought a significant shift in our business operations.

Immediate Impact

In the first year of working with Clarity Digital, our turnover reached just under £360,000. We saw a remarkable influx of leads and appointments, with potential customers already showing a strong interest in our services. This targeted strategy, combined with our enhanced website, connected us with clients needing specific refurbishments and extensions.

The Strategy: Targeted Marketing and Clear Positioning

Clarity Digital’s expertise was instrumental in:

  • Understanding Our Core Values: They took the time to understand what makes Finlay Construction unique.
  • Effective Market Positioning: Their strategies positioned us effectively in the marketplace.
  • Quality Leads: We attracted high-quality leads, ensuring our marketing efforts translated into business growth.
  • Return on Investment: Clarity Digital’s approach ensured a high return on investment for our customers.

Conclusion: A Testament to Strategic Marketing

Working with Clarity Digital allowed us to attract the right kind of customers and establish ourselves as a commercial business. Their approach goes beyond just listening; it aims for the success of your business.

Call to Action

If you’re a business owner looking to transform your marketing strategy and achieve commercial success, don’t hesitate to seek Clarity Digital’s expertise. Their strategic approach can help you position your business effectively, attract quality leads, and ensure a high return on investment.

Contact Clarity Digital Marketing today and take the first step towards revolutionising your business marketing strategy.

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