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The Problem With Most Small Business

It’s fitting that this is a subject that I want to talk about on my first post here at Clarity Digital Marketing because it’s something that I’m really passionate about and if you can get this right in your business it’s an easy way to literally double your sales.

I see a lot of small businesses miss this process out  especially  where I live in Wilmslow in Cheshire.

So what exactly is it?

It’s really about the follow up process. It’s about what you do when you get someone to visit your shop, your website or even buy from you.

As businesses we tend to spend a lot of money on getting visitors into our brick and mortar store or even on to our website but then they either buy or they don’t and they leave with no follow up in place. It’s a criminal waste of a hugely valuable resource.

Let me give you a real life example.

There’s a shop on my local high street that sells fancy chocolates, it’s the sort of place that you go to buy a gift for a relative or a friend. I’ve been in there twice now to get some chocolates for my wife’s Grandmother and also my Aunt bit the fact that I have been back to make a repeat purchase is purely down to chance for them. By not asking me for my email address or even asking me to connect with them on social media, they are missing out on an opportunity to remind me that they are there for my present buying needs.

Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries. These are all opportunities to sell me more chocolate and turn someone who maybe buys once or twice into someone who buys four or five times per year and effectively doubling their business.

Most businesses don’t think this way and don’t realize that once you get someone into your shop or your website you have a unique opportunity to get then to leave you with their email address so you can follow up.

How do you do this?

It all boils down to adding value. In the Internet marketing word we use what we call a lead magnet or an ethical bribe in exchange for an email address.

You offer something of value and in exchange the customer gives you an email address. You can do exactly the same thing in an offline brick and mortar setting by offering discounts or offers and use these to turn browsers into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers.

If you are not currently using this strategy in your business you could be seriously missing out.




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Head of Marketing at Clarity Digital Marketing, Liam is passionate about helping small businesses reach and influence more customers using mostly online and occasionally offline marketing techniques.

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